Feeding Frenzy on Palometa



Annual Meeting


Our annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 8, at 10 a.m. at the Coast Guard Auxiliary to elect new directors and approve the budget and deed restriction changes.  Please plan to attend.  Candidates for directors:


Alonzo Merritt - Long-time Hernando County Resident; Also serves on the HBPOA Board; He and his wife Melody are active in community functions; Interested in preserving the character of our community and the environment.


Daniel Kushmer – Active in the business community through his duties in the Chamber of Commerce in the Ruskin area.  He and his wife Marsha are also actively involved in our Social Committee.


Denis Jessen - Past Treasurer; CPA; auditor for the state of Florida; frequent contributor of poetry to our Newsletter; author.


Doug Burgner - New Resident; Retired Military; Member of the Architectural Committee; Member of the Legal Documents Review Committee.


Coney Alligood – Chairman of the Waterways Improvement Committee; Also works with the HBPOA for waterways improvement; Member of the Adopt-A-Road Committee.




Good Neighbors don’t just live in a community; They work to make it better.


I am proud to say that because of our efforts to go the extra mile, Hernando Beach South is being mentioned as one of the best neighborhoods on the West Coast.  Our directors, officers, committees, and members make this association.


A current Hernando Beach South Resident Directory was mailed to all homeowners in January 2003.  If you did not receive one, please call the Management Company at 686-7940.


A comment was recently received by a prospective homeowner who was thinking about buying a home in Hernando Beach South.  The sales agent told me I couldn’t put up a fence or make an addition to my home without approval.  This is taking away my rights as a homeowner.  I have been taught that my home is my castle, and I can do with it as I want.


The response is your rights are not being taken away.  You are voluntarily relinquishing some rights to benefit from the amenities and standards of the community.  Communities with strict codes protect property values better than communities without the codes.  Isn’t that what we want?  We want to protect our investment.  Think before you buy.


We again ask all members to volunteer for one or two committees.  It is fun meeting your neighbors, making new friends, and working for the betterment of Hernando Beach South. 


I hope to see all of you at the annual meeting, and I hope all of your families remain healthy and happy in this new year.


Tough times never last, but …tough people do.”

Lewis Johnson, President



Member Meetings:

Our meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at the coast Guard Auxiliary building, 4340 Calienta St. Hernando Beach. We hope you can come and make us strong!

Saturday, March 8, 2003, Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Thursday May 15, 2003

Please mark your calendar because "The World is run by the people who show up"


Board of Directors:

President: Lewis Johnson,  Vice President: Brigitte Haag,  Secretary: Linda Prescott,  Treasurer: Denis Jessen,  Directors:  Melvin Sweat, Bob Muncy,  Blair Blose. Board of Directors Meetings are held every second Thursday at the Hernando Beach Recreation Center, 6340 Shoal Line Blvd. The meetings are open to all members.



A Word from the Editor

I hope everybody mails their ballots in and comes to our annual meeting on Saturday, March 8.


It looks like our sidewalk starting at Jewfish and ending at the Coast Guard Building will be built this year.


You might have heard a committee was formed to find ways to beautify Shoal Line Blvd in Hernando Beach by planting trees and shrubs. Please read below the exiting News about this project.


Volunteers throughout the years have stepped forward and continue to pay for Shoal Line street lights, which contributes to everyone’s safety.  More lights are needed to cover the remainder of Shoal Line and Osowaw. More information in the Newsletter below.


All 100 percent of our last year’s assessments have been collected. It was not easy with all the changes of ownership, foreclosure procedures and such things, but our management company came through. Great Job! Thank you!


Brigitte Haag, Vice President, Newsletter and Website Chair



Committee Reports


The Adopt-a- Road clean up meets on the third Saturday of each month at our boat ramp entrance on Jewfish Drive. It generally takes about one hour. We average about twelve full bags of trash per clean-up, the majority of which are discarded soda cans, beer bottles and fast food containers--all the products of people who have a “DON’T CARE’ ATTITUDE.” We will continue to ask the Sheriff’s Department to help tighten the enforcement of the littering laws.  In turn, we realize our proximity to the West Hernando Transfer Station brings many vehicles down Shoal Line Blvd each day to discard their trash. However, if people would be more mindful of their responsibilities, such as properly containing their receptacles and strapping down all tree and lawn waste, it would help greatly.

Jim Steed, Chairman



The following list includes projects that have been approved and are in different stages of development as of  February 4, 2003:

 Pfeffer, William & Mary                                     3407 Bluefish Dr: 134/24

O’Grady, Theodore & Theresa                          3487 Amberjack Dr: 133/15

Poulos Construction                                                           3448 Jewfish Dr: 139/45

Rau, Walter &  Virginia                                       4066 Sheephead Dr: 136/55

Saverese, Tony & Sanita                                    4009 Amberjack Dr: 133/9

Pedi, Bill & Sherrill                                                               3352 Palometa Dr: 140/17

Briggs, Perley & Beatrice                                    4040 Bluefish Dr: 134/56

Evans, Ralph & Maude                                       3439 Bluefish Dr: 134/20

Persons, Bill & Marie                                                          3399 Triggerfish Dr: 137/26

Friche, Henry                                                                        4034 Cobia Dr: 135/40

Marshall, Richard & Jayne                                 3488 Cobia Dr: 135/31

Mel Sweat, Chairman


Boat Ramp

A review of the boat ramp area has revealed that the parking lot has deteriorated to the point that it requires resurfacing. Estimates from contractors have been requested. So far two contractors have responded. Recapping cost will be established with the 2003/2004 budget. The bulletin board and/or replacement will be discussed in the following months. The ramp, post, chain and lock are still in satisfactory condition.

Bob Muncy, Chairman


Crime Watch

Crime Statistics on the Beach:   12/22/02 to 1/25/03: Burglary – 1, Vandalism  - 1

Annual Crime Statistics on the Beach:  1/01/02 to 12/31/02

Grand theft auto  - 2,  Burglaries – 17, Thefts  -  17, Vandalism  -  16

Jim Steed, Chairman

Deed Restrictions

After following proper procedures, which included a note on the windshield, a letter via regular mail and certified mail, sent to the homeowner, a resident’s car was towed for parking on private property illegally. The charge to the resident was $90 plus a daily storage charge of $15 per day. This unnecessary expense could have easily been avoided by following the deed restrictions. The deed restriction committee is diligent in following restriction guidelines to maintain our property values. We appreciate any and all help from our community residents.

Tom Westerberg, Chairman



We hope everybody enjoyed the poinsettias we planted for the holidays. A lot of garden club work is coming up caused mostly by the freezing temperatures.  We gladly welcomed three new garden club volunteers: Diane St. Johns, Wanda Kneiss and Rita Carpenter.  All ladies will soon be cleaning out the dead plants and planting the spring and summer flowers.

Mildred Renfroe, 666-4350, Chairman



Withlacoochee Electric Company will install a light on Shoal Line Blvd. (left turn lane) and Jewfish Drive for Hernando Beach South in February. This light will make it safer for our members to turn left from Shoal Lind Blvd. to Jewfish Drive. It will also light our Jewfish Entranceway sign all night, which will provide additional protection, just like at the entrance of Bluefish. The county will patch the pot holes in our streets in February. Soil, plastic and red rocks were placed around the palms on Jewfish Drive. Light bulbs needed to be replaced on both entrance signs. We will not cut grass on lots until March. The cool weather kept the growth controlled. The county will replace all street signs by February.
Blair Blose



The final version of the revised Deed Restrictions has been approved by the Board of Directors and the attorney and given to the printer for publication and has been mailed for a much needed acceptance vote by you, the property owners.

Mel Sweat, Chairman


Newsletter and Web site
Visit our Web site at www.hernandobeachsouth.org for the latest information and pictures.


Political Action

The Planning and Zoning Commission recently approved a rezoning of approximately 300,000 square feet of retail commercial space next to the Wal-Mart Supercenter on U.S. 19 and Osowaw.  This is approximately 1 ˝ times larger than the Wal-Mart.  It also extends about 2400 feet south of Osowaw Boulevard and is deeper than any other intensive development west of U.S. 19 and south of Osowaw.  If you have concerns about this proposed development, plan to attend the BOCC meeting on Wednesday, March 12 to voice your concerns.

The County is currently undergoing review of its Comprehensive Plan.  The State Department of Community Affairs requires comprehensive plans to be evaluated every seven years at the local level.  This is our opportunity to say what our county will look like in the future.  The county has scheduled comprehensive plan related public workshops in all areas of the county.  The coastal meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 6, at the Coast Guard Auxiliary from 5 to 8 p.m.  “I hope the public gets involved and gives us some direction,” said Hernando County planner Jim King, “because if they don’t, the only people who will, will be the developers.”  Mark your calendars and plan to attend to let your voice be heard.

Linda Prescott, Chairman


Telephone Committee 

The telephone committee phones its neighbors about up-coming events and the monthly meetings of HBSPOA. Presently, we are in need of people to make calls on two of our streets. Also with SNOW BIRD time fast approaching, one of our callers will be heading up north reducing our ranks even further .It doesn’t take much time if we pitch in to help each other. If you would like to join our team, please contact DOLLY at 666-6997,

Dolly Steed, Chairman

Social Committee
The neighborhood looked really spectacular during the 2002 holiday season with many of our houses beautifully decorated.  The street with the most decorated houses was Sheephead Drive with 60% of the houses decorated.  Good job Sheephead neighbors!  Publix gift certificates were awarded to three lucky residents for their hard work and efforts:
    Best Newcomer Award - Mr. & Mrs. Nick Gentilquore, 3423 Amberjack Drive
    Charming Christmas Award - Mr. & Mrs. Danny Kushmer, 3456 Cobia Drive
    Simple Elegance Award - Mr. & Mrs. Pat Mulholland, 3399 Sheephead Drive
Honorable Mention/Previous Winners include:
    Mr. & Mrs. Floren Graves, 3448 Croaker Drive
    Mr. & Mrs. Ray Renfroe, 3471 Sheephead Drive
    Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Johnson, 3504 Sheephead Drive
    Mr. & Mrs. William Merritt, 3463 Amberjack Drive
    Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Gilbert, 4058 Sheephead Drive
Great Job Everyone!
The Annual Hernando Beach South Garage Sale was Sat. March 1st.  Hopefully everyone took advantage of the opportunity to clean out garages and closets and make some money!!

Egg Hunt

Our next scheduled event will be the Egg Hunt.  It will be held on Sat. April 19th at 10:00 a.m. on the grassy area by the pond on Seabass Drive.  All neighborhood children and grandchildren are welcome to come for some egg hunting fun with a special grand prize!  To register your child or grandchild call Denise 684-3217 or Juliette 684-0764 by Wed. April 16th.

Annual Pot Luck Dinner
In May, the Annual Hernando Beach South Pot Luck Dinner will be held.  Every year we have a wide variety of foods prepared by all our neighbors.  It is a fun time to get together with your neighbors and sample delicious foods.  The date will be announced in April.  Watch for the flier delivered to your door!
Welcome Committee
Since the last newsletter we have been able to welcome three new neighbors:
    Dennis and Rolaine Durling, 3415 Croaker Drive
    Rich and Diane Overbeek, 4049 Jewfish Drive
    Mary Lou Strohecker, 4049 Bluefish Drive
A warm welcome to Hernando Beach South!
The welcome committee prepares welcome bags for all new residents of Hernando Beach South.  If you know of any new neighbor who needs to be welcomed call one of the members of the welcome committee.
Palometa - Tuti Blackstone - 666-2423, Jewfish - Jeane Vernon - 683-9762 , Croaker - Argith Sweat - 666-9244
Triggerfish - Juliette Muncy - 684-0764 , Sheephead - Jeanine Schmit - 688-0328, Cobia - Marsha Kushmer - 666-1321, Bluefish - Amy Fritsch - 684-4141 , Amberjack - Glory Westerberg - 666-0914
Denise Hoogland , Chairman
Waterways Maintenance Committee: As residents of HB South, we all share a common love of being on the water and having a good view of the canals and the area. One of the duties of the waterways maintenance committee of our association (which I am chairman of) is try to keep our canals free of trash and debris. Up until now I have attempted to do this by getting two members to assist, and picking up the debris with nets or poles from the front of my pontoon boat. This is not difficult, but it is very hard on the motor, which must be shifted between forward, neutral, and reverse hundreds of times to maneuver the boat into a position to pick up all the small pieces of paper, cups, bags, etc.

Nearly all the trash picked up has been from vacant lots. Most residents pick up the trash near their seawalls. I would like to make some changes as follows: This committee, I think, should have as many members as possible. While we urge everyone to become involved in our association meetings, joining this committee would not obligate anyone to attend any meetings or do anything they don’t want to do. As of now I have 20 members including the “old” members, and the responsibility for cleaning the Eastern ends of the canals has already been designated. I plan to continue with water pickup on the western shores.  Any major decisions like harvesting, or spraying the weeds, adding more Carp, etc. will be made by the majority of this committee who vote, and then passed to the Board of Directors for approval. This is what I expect the members to do:

1-Once or twice a month, walk across the vacant lots from your home to the next home, and pick up all the trash you find. Most of the trash will be along the water’s edge. If enough homeowners did this, our canals would stay clean. I understand this would result in overlaps, but we could negotiate with our neighbors next door. If we don’t have a vacant lot next-door, OK, we’re off the hook.

2- Send me you Name, Address, and Phone # and indicate the lots you will be cleaning. Just the number of lots E or W is fine. That way I can determine if any lots are not covered and I will see that they are.

3-Vote on major decisions when they arise.  

My phone number is 683-0634.  Street address is 3504 Croaker Drive. E-Mail coneya@earthlink.net Thank You  

Coney Alligood, Chairman


General Interest


The election of the new Officers

March 8 the new directors will be elected. Three new directors need to be elected.  Four directors were elected in 2002. Once the directors are elected they will in return decide who will be the officers. What qualifications should the new president have?

He/she should truly care for the neighborhood, should be informed about the current issues of Hernando Beach South and all of Hernando Beach, should be a team worker and available to support all the committee chairs, should be present during the day to be available with all the things happening all the time, should have connections to the other Hernando Beach organizations, should be able to attend the Commissioners Meetings if necessary to represent our neighborhood, should be known to the leading politicians in Hernando County, should have good connections at the United Communities (an organizations for property owners association).

Lewis, we are truly taking a loss,  now that your term of office as President has ended. We cannot say enough good things about what a wonderful leader you are. Luckily you will be around with Crime Watch and as future Committee Chair.


Mystery Yellow

Recently some neighbors discovered a yellow film on the canal water surface on Jewfish. All kinds of theories of its origin were tossed around. Buddy Palmer from the Hernando County Waterway Division and a policeman came in an instance. Construction sites near by were examined to find a source of the yellow. It was finally concluded that the wind and rain must have brought  pollen of blooming trees, that settled on the water surface and was then driven by wind into the dead end of the canal… ………………………………………………


Drive Slow

Please watch your speed in our Hernando Beach South streets, watch your kids, our ducks, our Sandhill cranes. Thank you, Lewis Johnson, President


Newspaper delivery

Did you notice a difference in the placement of our Tampa Bay Tribune paper? The new delivery man does a wonderful job and we appreciate this. Lewis Johnson


The speed limit on Shoal Line Blvd has been recently reduced from 55 miles per hour to 50. Because Shoal Line is narrow and so many people die every year, it should be in the interest of everybody to make sure this speed limit is maintained. Jim Steed has the idea to support our local deputies by providing them with a Radar Gun. Please contact Jim Steed at 666-6997 for details and donations.


Linda  Pederson Park

The park remains on hold and options continue to be investigated.


After bureaucratic delays and more delays, finally the promised meeting where 2 representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection, Commissioner Nancy Robinson, a representative of the Army Corps of Engineers and Dave Pointec representing the residents of Hernando Beach was set up.

One million dollar could be saved if the spoils of the dredge could be dumped on or near the existing spoil islands. But the dredge must have a permit from the DEP. The DEP officials found that there is solid sea grass out there and a dumping of the spoils is out of the question. The Corps, the fishing industry, and locals all want the canal to be dredged deeper and wider. Unfortunately, the Corps never presented this intent to the DEP. A compromise is now in the works. It is discussed that all spoil materials, sand as well as rocks will be deposited at the reefs. We will see if this compromise can be worked out after more studies are done.


So lucky to have our Deed Restrictions

You might have heard a mobile/manufactured/modular home was placed on stilts in the Middle Beach. Many residents are upset and fear justifiably that this will have a negative impact on their home values. A committee under the leadship of Alonzo Merritt was formed to research what can be done. Original deed restrictions had not been enforced in the past and expired. Ways are being evaluated on how they can be revived. These types of homes are not subject to county building requirements and are taxed quite differently. I heard they don’t have to pay any property taxes at all. We are so lucky to have our restrictions. We cannot discriminate against these types of homes in our neighborhood, but we can require pitch angles and minimum square footage. We changed our new proposed deed restrictions to this for better protection. We need our new deed restrictions badly.


Attention Boatlift users! Please lower the cradle only so much that the boat can slide on and off. Avoid hitting the ground because if you do it will unravel the cables.

Also please be aware, when the weather is cold the relays are working very slowly. Please be patient and give them time to do their job. Getting angry and breaking the door to the power house will not do anything, but create hassles for everyone involved.

No news on the repairs, we are still waiting for the engineer’s approval.

Augie Peretti, Boatlift Chair



Steve Diez, Transportation Planner from the MPO spoke on the sidewalk at the recent HBPOA meeting. The survey results are expected to be done in a few weeks. The County Engineer Charles Mixson will then start with the actual design. He offered to meet with the Beautification Committee and get our input. Construction could start in the summer. The sidewalk could be our Christmas gift. We will have a great Hernando Beach wide Fest with all the trimmings and celebrate the ribbon cutting.


Newspaper Recycling Bin

Fran Baird owner of Hernando Beach Motel and Condos offered her motel driveway to host a Newspaper Recycling Bin. Please drop off your Newspapers in this big metal box. The proceeds increase contributions to the new Entranceway Sign at the corner of Shoal Line and Osowaw.


Blue Moon Ball

Try to make it next time if you could not attend the last Grand Blue Moon Ball in the Palace Grand. What an elegant affair it was, and we raised money for the new sign at the triangle Ossowaw and Shoal Line.


Street Lights on Shoal Line Blvd.

These light contribute to our safety. You might not be aware, but the electricity for each light is paid by individual residents of the area. Lance and Sharon Sutter, Margo Sloan(currently living in Oregon), Melody and Alonzo Merritt, John and Mary O’Brien, Bob and Jackie Mancuso, B.J.Gators, Minnie and Jerry Yoerg, Sharon and Bob Romanek, Dan Carnley’s Tire Service, Lynette and Roger Ball, Cecille Marquis, Dennis and Geri Slattery, Jim and Debbie Bradley, Dolly and Chuck Brookings, Tom and Stormy Anderson, John Batista, Jim and Dolly Steed, Gladys Moore, The Pointral Family, Pappy’s Galley and Oyster Bar, Joan Lentini, Seaside Realty(10 lights),  and recently Mike and Linda Prescott and our organization decided to pay for a light at the Bluefish exit,. Another light is ordered by Dorothy Evans. More lights are needed, if you feel like getting involved, it’s about $5 per month after an initial setup fee of about $50 and you can call one of the lights as yours. Call WREC at 596-4000 ext 3135 and ask for Ron Larson, or call Joan Lentini for a Fax Form 597-3200.


Hernando Beach Beautification

The sidewalk is coming soon. Would it not be nice to stroll along this sidewalk in the shade of beautiful trees?

A committee has been formed to find ways how this can be accomplished. The idea is to invite the Shoal Line property owners to choose and buy trees and bushes from a catalog. The committee will then contribute 20% of the purchase price. Money for the first round of about 30 tree contributions has already been raised. Both Hernando Beach property owners associations and the Sutter and Morton families made this possible. Negotiation for quantity pricing are concluded. Jim Evans from the Evans Nursery who donated and planted already 8 trees and installed with his friend Donny Briggs a new Hernando Beach sign will plant all trees along Shoal Line Blvd. A 30 gallon tree, planted and mulched will cost $125.00. Thank you Jim for this great price.

The support for this new committee has been outstanding. Please read all about the project at the Website: www.coastalhernando.com/shoalline


Here is a list of supporters:

Chairman: Brigitte Haag, Vice President HBSPOA, Pelican Brief editor

Fran Baird, Vice President of the HBPOA, Owner of Hernando Beach Motel & Condos
Lucy Levine, Treasurer of the HBPOA, resident of Hernando Beach
Linda Prescott, resident of Hernando Beach South, Secretary of HBSPOA

Joan Lentini, Director of the Coastal Hernando Business Assn., Treasurer of the Entranceway Committee, resident the Coast Line page in Hernando Today, owner of Fun Flags
Linda Nikander, resident of Hernando Beach
Gladys Moore, President of the HBPOA, Editor of the Beachcomber, Real Estate Agent with REMAX
Lewis Johnson, President of the HBSPOA, resident of Hernando Beach South, Director of Boat Lift and Crime Watch
Melody Merritt, owner of Seaside Realty, Chairman of the Entranceway Committee
of Hernando Beach,
Alonzo Merritt, candidate for HBSPOA Director



Wanda Evans, Hernando Beach Realty, Inc. with all staff
Gail Wooten, owner of Daffodil Hill
John O'Brien, Owner of O'Brien & Delzer Insurance Agency, Vice President of the Coastal Hernando Business Assoc., and Shoal Line Property Owner
Mary Aiken, our County Commissioner
Inge Macci, Hernando Beach resident
Sharon Sutter, Keller Williams Realty, Shoal Line Property Owner, Secretary CHBA
Lance Sutter, Keller Williams Realty, Director HBPOA, Treasurer CHBA, Shoal Line Property owner
Michael Duxstad, County Inspector
David Warman, owner of Warman Financial Services, Hernando Beach resident, Treasurer HB Yacht Club, Board HBPOA
Chuck Morton, Coastline Realty, Weeki Wachee Landing, President of HELP, HC Port Authority member, Crime Watch
Lucy Ambrose, owner of Snapper Marina
Jacqueline Morris, Hernando Beach resident, Executive Director of the Greater Hernando Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Anderson and Bill Bourguignon, owners of Prestige Homes
Jim Steed, Crime Watch President, resident Hernando Beach South

Chuck Remile, owner of  H.D.Redmile & Assoc. Real Estat Appraisals

Jim Evans, owner of Jim Evans Nursery


About Speeding

This will point out some of the ways you can avoid added expenses and points on your license.

 The Washington Traffic Safety Commission concedes that driving five miles over the posted limit on a highway, generally, won’t get you pulled over.  The results of a recent study in New Jersey seem to support that view.  Over 36 months, 85% of the traffic on 65-mph roads was traveling at 71-mph.  Clearly, the police can’t, and don’t, pick up everyone going over the limit.

 On the other hand, Kentucky, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Texas, have presumed speed limits.  If you are clocked going 50-mph in a 40-mph zone, it is only presumed that you were speeding.  If you can persuade a judge that your speed was safe given the conditions, you may get off.  Other states, including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Montana and Ohio, have a combination of absolute limits for interstates and larger state roads, and presumed speed limits for other roads.  Read the back of the ticket.  It will probably outline a number of ways you can proceed, from writing a check to going to court to fight.  The middle ground may include taking a safe-driving course.  If you complete the course, the ticket won’t go on your record.  Such a course can cost from $40 to more than $100 (on top of any fine you may have to pay), and class typically lasts four to eight hours.  In Hernando County, this course can range from $47.50 to $232.  In Florida, you can take the course on line.  There is a limit, however, on how often you can use this option to protect your record; once every 12 to 24 months is typical.

 Generally, judges have the authority to keep a ticket off your record, and away from insurers, if you fulfill certain obligations.  These may include paying the fine and court costs; avoiding further violations for, say, six months to a year, and possibly performing community service or attending a driver’s safety school.  To keep your record clean in the Sunshine State, you must pay a fine, court costs and go to traffic school.  In turn, Florida will forgive one moving violation a year, and up to five in a lifetime. 

If such options are not available, you may still be able to limit the damage by plea-bargaining.  Request a court date to present your case (perhaps to show your speedometer was faulty) and then ask the prosecutor for a deal.  To avoid clogging the docket, a prosecutor may offer to reduce the fine and points, especially for first-time violators.

 Remember if you do hire an attorney, and most multi-offenders do, it will cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000 or more (if you go to trial).  Also, be sure to get a lawyer familiar with the traffic laws and practices where you were ticketed.

 If you are pulled over out-of-state, don’t assume that paying the ticket promptly will prevent the infraction from being reported to your home state, even if the officer suggests that this may be the case.  Just about all states share information about driving infractions.  So, your insurance company will find out.

 Of course, you can avoid all these expenses and concerns by following all posted speed limits and upholding the law.

Jim Steed


Hernando Beach Sidewalk

It might be our Christmas gift…



This is our own Blair wearing the Hernando Beach street fish shirt. Can you guess where??? Yes, in the Sahara, Africa



Hernando Beach News

Hernando Beach’s streets got  new blacktop, it looks so much better.  The Hernando Beach public boat ramp just






got extended. A new Hernando Beach sign has been erected, a donation of Jim Evans and Donny Briggs. O’Brien & Delzer Insurance moved to the Beach into a building that once was built by John O’Brien, leter sold and now repurchased.


Carp Release

No sightings have been reported. No major effect on the weeds can be detected. We will have to wait and see.

We need more carp. The Waterways Maintenance Committee will make the decision if we use chemicals, carp or weed harvesting this year.

Brigitte Haag


50th Sock Hop

Yes, there was another fundraiser for the Entranceway sign in February. It was a great event, the music took you back in time, you bought a Hamburger for $1.50, an ice cream for 50 ct. You got to watch all these contests and everybody had a good time.


Real Estate Report

Not everything is, as it seems: Yes, it is true that there has been plenty of real estate activity in Hernando Beach South this past year.  Lot prices have soared and homes have appreciated with them.  The lowest price for a vacant lot in the neighborhood for 2002 was $27,000 with the highest being $155,000.  However, anyone in the real estate business knows there are always exceptions to the rule.  The average price for lots in the South for the entire year was approximately $46,000.  Only during the third and fourth quarter of the year did prices climb rapidly.  The total number of lot transactions totaled close to 100.  This was not due to a strong desire to live in the community but for investment gains.
     A majority of the property owned in the neighborhood is by people residing out-of-state or elsewhere in the state.  Driven by an insatiable hunger to recover stock market losses and the eagerness of investors to buy and then immediately resell property has spurned an upward spiral in prices.  "You don't make any money from the bank, CD's, or the market anymore", has been the slogan for property buyers.  Since most sellers are liquidating their lots at two or three times what they themselves paid for them, this has led to the resell of some lots multiple times in one year.
     Homeowners have both benefited and suffered with the quick increase in prices.  The last year has brought thousands of dollars in instant equity to the area but home sales have still remained anemic.  There has been less than 10 resale transactions in the South for 2002 with no certainty that the homes already listed will be able to sell close to asking price.  The lowest price for a home was $140,000 topping out at $230,000. As of February 2003, that figure has risen to between $200,000 and $375,000. Existing homes are now competing with new construction and buyers are showing a lesser interest in an older home when they can purchase new at a similar price.  The community may have reached the market threshold with the value of its homes.
     Property owners and residents of Hernando Beach South need not worry.  It is still one of the premier communities in Hernando County for security, boating, and serenity.  New construction of homes is occurring bringing fresh members into the association.  Quiet nights and its location to the Gulf and the Weeki Wachee Preserve will make it a desirable community into the future.  Looking back on history, we have all learned the ramifications of excessive exuberance.  For more information feel free to contact your neighbor,

Aaron M. Owsianiecki of Hernando Beach Realty.


The County will present its Comprehensive Plan for Hernando County in Hernando Beach Thursday March 6 from 5pm to 8pm in the Coast Guard Building.


Boat Lift Election of Officers is March 17







About helping each Other

I know, most of you know Mildred and Ray and of course Lewis and Nita. But, do you really know them?

Four months ago on October 27 we lost our most precious gift, our son Eric. We just want everybody to know what kind of people we have living in our neighborhood. When we received the phone call that awful night, Jack did not know how to help me, he ran over to Mildred’s, Of cause she and Ray came right away. Mildred called a friend of hers Alma Harrison (thank god for her). They both took care of me. Mildred held me in her arms as if I were a child. I cannot list all of the things they did that night. But I can say they did everything from packing our bags to making arrangements for our flight and taking care of our dog while we were gone, and held me and cried with me. Oh, by the way, Mildred and Ray have known us only for a little more than a year! Since we have come home Mildred and Nita watch over us all the time. Of course Lewis is always there with a joke and a smile. To say we have great neighbors is an understatement. We have four of the most wonderful people in the world living next to us. We will thank them for the rest of our lives. I also want to say thank you to the association for the beautiful card they sent. Alma, if I did not say thank you that night, I am saying it now. Thank you so much! We just want everybody to know how lucky we feel to live in such a great place. Thanks again, Jack and Rita Carpenter


We need more trees in our neighborhood

Do you know why it it’s good to have trees in our yards? Here are some of the answers:


·          Trees stabilize neighborhoods and add character and real estate value. Shaded sidewalks encourage outdoor recreation, and more people outdoors strolling and biking is an effective deterrent against crime.

·          Well-cared for mature trees add 5-7% to the sale price of a home. A tree-filled lot will sell for up to 15% more than a bare lot.

·          Recent retail studies show that shoppers are willing to drive further and pay up to 11% higher prices at stores on tree-lined streets.

·          Trees make urban areas quieter, cooler and more attractive to residents and visitors. They also can shield unsightly areas from view.

·          Trees contribute to community pride and sense of ownership. Involving volunteers in planting and caring for trees increases civic involvement in tangible and long-lasting ways.

·          Trees are important energy savers. According to a U.S. Forest Service report, trees cover 28% of residential areas in the United States, and the cooling effect of this canopy means an annual savings of almost $2 billion per year or about 5% of all energy use in the United States.

·          The urban tree cleans the air by removing up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and releasing about 13 pounds of oxygen every year. Leaves and twigs of a mature tree capture up to 50 pounds of airborne dust and dirt particles each year.

·          Trees clean and reduce storm water runoff by absorbing rainfall and slowing its velocity. This reduces sediment volume and erosion.

·          Urban trees provide food, shelter and nesting sites for birds and other forms of wildlife and are essential to the health of seasonal migrating flocks.


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